Whole Home Audio

Fill Your Life With Music!

Imagine listening to your favorite artist singing in every room of your house. Sounds pretty good, right? We can do that for you for with a whole home audio system.

Don't worry; this revolutionary technology is not as complicated as it sounds. It is designed to create a more relaxed, easier to control lifestyle. All the keypads and remotes are very user-friendly. Music can be used in so many ways; to entertain, calm, energize, and provide background noise, whatever your heart desires. And we can put that power at your fingertips.

Unlike the traditional stereo systems which involve bulky equipment that you have to try to camouflage and miles of wire run all over your house, our systems use hidden wiring and unobtrusive in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and controls. You could even connect your MP3 player.

You can play your CDs, digital music, satellite radio, tuner, and stereo, whatever you are used to listening to. You no longer need to listen to what the person in the next room is blaring through the walls, you can personalize the sound in each room using keypads that allow you to set the volume and turn the music on or off. You can even add speakers outside instead of trying to blast the music through the kitchen window to hear it on the deck, or dragging your boom box out there and then tripping over it. If you need to quickly turn down the music, you don’t have to run all over the house playing with volume knobs, you can use your infrared remote technology that lets you control one keypad, or the whole home, as well as your stereo equipment from anywhere in the home.

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